“Stats” Mailbag: End of October

Here’s to the first of (hopefully) many “Stats” Mailbags.

First pitch: .354

Second pitch: .338

Third pitch (in non- 2-strike count): .343

Fourth pitch (in non- 2-strike counts): .353

Stadiums that saw the most 440+ foot homers during the regular season (I included Coors for fun measure):

Coors Field (58)

Chase Field (22)

Wrigley Field (20)

Tropicana Field (19)

Globe Life Park (17)

Kauffman Stadium (16)

Miller Park (16)

Target Field (16)

FanGraphs has been tracking pitch totals since 2002.

In that time, 12,788,900 pitches have been thrown (regular season only).

In looking at the 610 pitchers who threw at least 250 total pitches during the campaign, only 3 threw seven or more different pitches (according to Baseball Savant)

  1. Yu Darvish
  2. Anibal Sanchez
  3. Zack Greinke

Other notable guys who just missed the cutoff include Jordan Yamamoto and Zack Wheeler.

Lowest WAR (Baseball-Reference) by a position player who played at least 500 games in his career:

-9.9 Gus Weyhing

-9.8 Pud Galvin

-7.2 Bobby Mathews

-6.9 Doug Flynn

-6.8 Bill Bergen

Qualified hitters — who are not in the Hall of Fame — with the highest career wRC+:

  1. Barry Bonds (173)
  2. Mike Trout (172)
  3. Shoeless Joe Jackson (165)
  4. Mark McGwire (157)
  5. Dick Allen (155)

1876 John Clapp (.656)

1879 Orator Shaffer (.662)

1921 George Maisel (.673)

1907 Simon Nicholls (.675)

2014 Ben Revere (.686)

*minimum 300 plate appearances

The answer to your question is yes.

Mark Canha HBP/PA: 3.6%


Leaguewide HBP/PA for non-pitchers: 1.1%

Top 5 September-born players in terms of WAR (Baseball-Reference [excluding batting WAR for pitchers and pitching WAR for hitters]):

  1. Kid Nichols (116.5)
  2. Nap Lajoie (107.4)
  3. Mike Schmidt (106.8)
  4. Randy Johnson (103.5)
  5. Joe Morgan (100.6)

Instead of WAR, I’m going to use OPS.

Players with the biggest difference between night and day OPS:

  1. Corey Dickerson (.439)
  2. Joey Gallo (-.392)
  3. Ehire Adrianza (-.355)
  4. Travis d’Arnaud (-.334)
  5. Jake Marisnick (.334)

*minimum 80 plate appearances day and 130 plate appearances night

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