3 Takeaways from the Chiefs win against the Jaguars

Last Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 40-26 in a very heated affair. While a few players got injured during the game, the Chiefs were still able to pull out a win. Here are 3 takeaways I have following the Chiefs victory.

The offense is better than last year

It may be hard to do but the offense is actually better than last year. Sammy Watkins had his best game as a Chief by getting 2 touchdowns, one for a 68-yard score and another for a 49-yard score. The Chiefs were able to score on their first seven drives of the game. It’s hard to really say how this offense got better cosnidering how good it was last year.

Maybe it’s because Patrick Mahomes is still Patrick Mahomes? Maybe it’s because Sammy Watkins is beginning to break out as a Chief? Or maybe it’s because the Chiefs just make scoring touchdowns look so easy. Whatever it may be, this offense somehow improved from last season.

The Chiefs may not be missing Tyreek Hill as much as we thought

Of course Tyreek Hill is a game-changing wide receiver and forces defenses to put him in double coverage but given the Chiefs deep receiving group, it’s hard to say that the Chiefs offense won’t be the same because of Tyreek. One thing that is definitely worth noting is that it looks like Tyreek Hill will be missing some time with a shoulder injury. The timetable is unkown at this point in time.

One thing you can count on next week is that Mecole Hardman will be getting some touches along with Kansas State wide receiver Byron Pringle. Although Tyreek is crucial, the Chiefs offense should be fine.

The Chiefs are currently undefeated

I know it’s only one game but hey, the Chiefs are undefeated. They have started the season 1-0 and are looking to build off of what they accomplished last season. It’ll be interesting to see how this team does as the season goes along.

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