What Power 5 College Football Coaches Are Under The Most Pressure For The 2019 Season?

  • Willie Taggart – Florida State: In Taggart’s first season he had an underwhelming 5-7 record, now in year two Taggart needs to deliver a big season or Florida State may have to move on from.
  • Justin Fuente – Virginia Tech: Fuente started his tenure off very good but the honeymoon is over and he needs to get the Hokies back to a contending team in the ACC.
  • Tom Herman – Texas: He has the talent, he has the facilities, he has everything you need to win the BIG 12 and compete for a playoff spot, but he hasn’t done it yet and in year three he needs to lead Texas to the next level.
  • Lovie Smith – Illinois: A 9-27 record from a former NFL Coach of the Year is not what the Illini had in mind when they hired Smith. Now entering year four, Lovie needs to take a step in a positive direction.
  • Chris Ash – Rutgers: After three atrocious seasons with Rutgers, Ash needs to show that he’s capable of being a Head Coach in the BIG 10. Rutgers has struggled to recruit and Ash has struggled to develop what they have, so he needs to show his worth.
  • Jim Harbaugh – Michigan: Four seasons at one of the most prestigious coaching jobs, and he is 2-2 against MSU and 0-4 against OSU. His record against ranked teams is terrible and with all the talent they have on the roster and with how good there staff there is no reason why they haven’t been able to win big games. But coming into year five Harbaugh has to be feeling more pressure than he ever has before.
  • Clay Helton – USC: Helton is very lucky to have another opportunity to be the head man at USC, but he has to capitalize on the opportunity. Clay’s big time hire of Kliff Kingsbury as off offensive coordinator lasted less than a month before Kliff left for the NFL, now Helton needs to return to what he and USC was in 2016 and 2017 or else USC will be looking for another person to run their football program.
  • Chip Kelly – UCLA: The two time PAC 12 Coach of the Year did not get off to a good start in his first year with the Bruins, but even with a difficult schedule Kelly needs a better season or else the UCLA fan base and media may turn on him.
  • Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M: Sumlin got off to a rough start in his first season in the PAC 12 but with a senior QB in Khalil Tate and a favorable schedule Sumlin needs to make a big improvement and compete in the PAC 12 South.
  • Gus Malzahn – Auburn: Gus signed a big contract of seven years for 49 million a couple of years ago but he is under enormous pressure coming into the 2019 season, he has only one season with 10 or more wins in his last five seasons and with a brutal schedule this season he will again find himself a very big challenge not only to win big games but also to keep his job.
  • Derek Mason – Vanderbilt: In Mason’s five seasons as Head Coach he has yet to finish season with a winning record, and with a very challenging schedule for the 2019 season expect this to be his last year with Vandy.
  • Matt Luke – Ole Miss: Luke had a challenge ahead of him after all of the violations and problems Hugh Freeze left him, but now in year three Luke faces a new challenge because he has an Offensive Coordinator in Rich Rodriguez and a Defensive Coordinator in Mike MacIntyre who have both had success as Head Coaches at power five schools. Having those two on the staff will help a lot but it will also a different type pressure on Luke.
  • Jeremy Pruitt – Tennessee: Pruitt doesn’t have as much pressure on him as most of the other coaches because he is only entering his second season and he has shown signs that he has Tennessee moving in the right direction, with that being said he does need to make a Bowl Game and develop the young talent so they can compete in year three.

Thank you for reading!

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