Wizards offer Bradley Beal 3-year, $111M max extension

On Friday, the Washington WIzards offered All-Star guard Bradley Beal a three-year, $111 million max contract extension as soon as he became eligible for the new contract on Friday, per David Aldridge of The Athletic. Although the Wizards have put that contract on the table, Beal isn’t expected to sign it anytime soon.

The decision to offer Beal an extension doesn’t come as a surprise at all, as Washington is trying to debunk any rumors of Beal headed to Miami or anywhere else this offseason. Also, new general manager Tommy Sheppard previously stated that he planned to do this.

“At the very first moment allowed, we are going to offer Brad the full max extension,” Sheppard said, via ESPN. “He’s got two years left on his deal, and he’s from Missouri and we are going to have to show him. We need to show him that we are about building this the right way, that we aren’t going to have character-deficient guys around him. We are going to surround him with guys he wants to play with. He saw that right away in free agency with us bringing back Thomas Bryant.”

While Tommy Sheppard remains confident, keeping Beal is far from a guarantee. One reason is that Beal would be eligible for a five-year, $254 million supermax extension next summer if he makes an All-NBA team this upcoming season. This is very likely as he was very close to making the third team last season while averaging 25.6 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 5.5 assists while shooting 35.1 percent from three last season on a bad Wizards team. Plus, even if he doesn’t make an All-NBA team next season, he could still earn a four-year, $155 million extension next summer. If he waited until he hit free agency in 2021, he could get a five-year, $217.5 million offer from the Wizards or a four-year, $161.3 million offer from another team.

However, the reasons for Beal staying in DC besides money don’t look too great. John Wall is still rehabbing from a torn Achilles tendon, and likely will not return the same. As for the rest of the roster, it is, merely, mediocre at best. Many casual fans could probably not name more than four players on the active roster which could lead to Beal taking a lot of time to think about their long-term future.

Regardless of what Beal chooses to do this summer, the Wizards have no plans to move him this summer (pump the brakes on the Miami Heat rumors, guys). It may change though, especially if Beal declines the contract extension this summer and they miss the playoffs again next season, which is very likely given the state of the roster currently.

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