Machado’s Grand Slam Lift Padres over Phillies 8-2, Phils Continue to Struggle on the West Coast

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The Phillies, a team that looked World Series caliber in the NL Central games against the Chicago Cubs, has gone on a recent skid losing their last five games(four being against the NL favorite Los Angeles Dodgers). Their most recent loss came to San Diego Padres last night behind the play from Bryce Harper’s free agency counterpart Manny Machado.

After a dangerous left knee sprain that crippled Phillies Centerfielder Andrew McCutchen in the first inning, the game that was, in the first 4 innings, a relatively close game, broke wide open.

In the sixth inning, after starting pitcher Aaron Nola let up a two run single to Josh Naylor, he was pulled for recently called up J.D. Hammer. Hammer struck out one and walked one when Machado came to the plate. The 300 million dollar man, Manny Machado then proceeded to take Hammer’s pitch over the fence, coincidentally sailing over the 330 million dollar man, Bryce Harper’s, head, to put four more runs onto the board for the Padres. This was only of the highlights to a seven run sixth inning.

Nola continued to struggle as he allowed six runs and eight hits in five innings while striking out three and walking three. The only positive takeaway for the Phils was Realmuto’s homer in the seventh but even that was not enough to spur a Phillies’ comeback.

The Phils will look to regroup tonight as they play the Padres again at 10:10 EST.

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