Time For Jeanie Buss To Take A Stand

Magic Johnson dropped some bombshells last week on First Take, and Baxter Holmes dropped a bigger one Tuesday with his article about the Lakers organization. The article looks inside the Lakers front office dysfunction.  It really hits on Rob Pelinka and his lies.

With free agency coming up, this hurt the Lakers chances in getting a second star alongside LeBron James. Nobody would want to sign with the Lakers in the midst of all this drama. Bad things were said, such as Magic Johnson bullying employees, but the one that stuck out to me was the stuff said about Rob Pelinka. He is being portrayed as a liar and a backstabber, and that is not good for the Lakers franchise. It is not just people in the Lakers organization saying this; he is seen as lair around the league.

If all this is true about Pelinka, then the Lakers must move on from him. You can’t have a person known for lying running free agent meetings. With players such as Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler being free agents, this is a wrong time for all this to come out. Even before all this came out, the Lakers were going to have trouble signing a superstar free agent, but this makes it far worse.

If I were Jeanie Buss, I would move on from Pelinka. His reputation is to bad to keep around and try to turn the franchise around. I know Pelinka already hired Frank Vogel as coach of the Lakers, but i still would let Pelinka go.

The last two weeks have been horrible for the Lakers, and we have not heard anything from the front office except for Pelinka speaking about Magic Johnson at Frank Vogel’s introductory press conference. With all this going on, it is time for Jeanie Buss to come out and talk about her franchise getting dragged through the mud. I think it has to be done to try to get players to play for the Lakers.

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