With Beilein Going Pro, Michigan Looks To Replace A Legend.

As seen above John Beilein did everything you could do at Michigan except win a National Championship. But his legacy will go down as the greatest Michigan Basketball Coach of all time. He took a program that was a joke for nearly a decade and made them a national contender. In my opinion the highlight of John Beilein’s time in Michigan was the 2017 BIG 10 Tournament, better known as the plane crash team. A team that was in that scary situation and then to fly to Washington D.C. and go on to win four straight games and win the BIG 10 Tournament Championship, and then to go into the NCAA Tournament and advance to the Sweet 16.

While many people on social media will say big names like Chris Beard (Texas Tech), Mark Few (Gonzaga), Tony Bennett (Virginia), Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics), Billy Donovan (Oklahoma City Thunder), Juwan Howard (Miami Heat Asst.). While all of those are all very good Coaches and any of them would be extremely interesting, the best candidates for The University of Michigan are not the big names nationally but names that have been a part of the program during Beilein’s tenure.

My top Candidate for the Head Basketball Coach at The University of Michigan is current assistant coach Saddi Washington. Coach Washington has been at Michigan for three seasons and filled in as interim Head Coach for Beilein in August when they played over seas and Beilein had a heart surgery. My second candidate is current Butler Head Coach LaVall Jordan, LaVall was an assistant at Michigan from 2010-2016 and then has been a Head Coach at Milwaukee and now Butler. Some other names that were a part of the staff at some point or are there currently like Bacari Alexander, Luke Yaklich, DeAndre Haynes are not candidates they should consider. Either current assistant Saddi Washington or former assistant and now Butler Head Coach LaVall Jordan are who Michigan should hire to replace John Beilein. By hiring one of them, the program could pick up where it left off, and continue off of John Beilein’s success. But no matter who they hire, they will be inheriting a program in great shape because of what Coach Beilein did in his time in Ann Arbor, Coach John Beilein on behalf of all Michigan fans, all Basketball fans, and all Sports fans, THANK YOU for who you are and for the impact you made on people’s lives, I wish you nothing but the best in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers. #ForEverGoBlue

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