Eagles 2 week free agency signing grades

600422BB-17DD-47A9-A5EB-26E057CA8383.jpegToday marks the end of the first 2 weeks in the nfls new year . The eagles have been semi active so far , some people feel like they should be more aggressive but obviously there’s plenty of time left . Lets get started with how I would rate the eagles offseason so far . The biggest move the eagles have made in my opinion would be the signing/trade for former star wide receiver desean jackson . Despite his age desean is coming off a pretty good season where the eagles saw first hand he still has the speed to kill in there matchup against the bucs where desean took the first play from scrimmage straight to the house and desean would go on to lead the nfl with 18.9 yards per catch .Desean I presume will be this offenses third option behind pro bowl tight end zach ertz and wr alshon Jeffrey who has earned the second option spot . Djax should flourish in his role where he”ll be mainly stretching the field and taking the top off of defenses . For the price the eagles paid and the talent djax should bring ill give them a B+ only thing that didn’t make it an A is he is 32 years old . Next up is the signing of defensive tackle malik jackson . Now ill be honest I didn’t expect this move but I definitely don’t hate it . Malik could still be a pro bowl level player in his 8th season and alongside fletcher cox and brandon graham should get 1on1 matchups to prove his skill level is still there . He”ll be an instant starter . , he is younger than micheal bennett but could be a downgrade from jernigan. Next up the signing of former Pittsburgh linebacker LJ fort . This is for sure a depth move and he will compete to start with nathan gary and kamu grugier-hill he is an athletic lb and ill give this signing a C . Nothing spectacular but it’ll help . Now onto the signing of former vikings saftey andrew sendejo . This is a bigger move than fort but not bigger than either Jackson move . In jim schwartz defense the three saftet look is often deployed . Sendejo will most likely open camp as the third saftey . Hes not afraid to hit and can be very physical. I give this signing a C+ again nothing spectacular but it’ll help for sure . Now a quick run down on phillys re-signings . They brought back CB ronald darby on a one year 8.5 million dollar deal . Brandon graham on a 3 year 40 million dollar deal which pays him as a top 20 edge rusher as he deserves to be . Jason Peters on a one year 10 million dollar deal which is a little steep but hopefully the bodyguard bounces back from a injury riddled season . The special teams crew of lovato and elliot both came back on one year deals which i like , i feel that jake elliot is definitely the franchise kicker if you will . And finnally linebacker paul worrilow who suffered an acl injury last year in camp and missed the whole season. Should compete for at least a special teams spot this year . I”d group all of the resignings into about the B- , B range . A couple of rich deals but I don’t think any besides the darby deal are really making anybody angry . Theres talk that brandon graham is over paid but I don’t agree . This is still just the very early stage of the nfl year and the eagles will be very active in the coming months and draft time but i feel they’ve got themselves a solid base so far to stand on , go birds . 

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